Hello world, this is France !

Yes, you are on a French website, yes, I’m French and, yes, I’m trying to blog in English!

This a Dev Blog

This blog is named « Vis ma vie de développeur ». « My so-called dev life » would be a good name in English (I hope). My name is Pierre Benayoun, I’m 38, 39, 40 and I’ve been working in Bordeaux, France, since 2004 as a developer.

I tried Android developing in 2011 and I’m a real indie dev since 2014.

This blog deals with my experience developing activity tracking apps. It’s mainly in French but I will try to write a post in English once a week.

So What ?

I created an Android app prototype last year, called Activity Report. Activity Report is an activity tracker, which won a prize from a French cell phone carrier (here in French).

I worked on it part-time before Google launched Google Fit, which in fact does quite the same thing.

So, like the French that I am, I drank some glasses of red wine and… decided to go further.

Activity tracking: so many possibilities

OK Activity Report is dead. This is the game.

But there are so many opportunities in activity tracking.

Going farther than: « You have walked 22 minutes, 33 seconds and 47  hundredths » opens up some perspectives. You may want to know if you have walked more last Monday or what it represents in fun equivalences like cakes.  To cut a long story short, there are many paths to be explored.

First step: Fit Plus

So Google Fit is an aggregator. In other words it allows other apps to store or get data about your activities: walking, biking or an intense session of Zumba.

If you’ve tried the app you would have figured out that it’s tracking activities like walking (but not Zumba, sorry) and displaying the data with charts.

We can go much further: Google does not display time spent in the vehicle while it stores this data. Also, it’s difficult to see the resume of your activities for the month.

So I created Fit Plus and worked on it full time since the beginning of the year. The goal is to maximize the use of Google Fit by offering more data, analysis and so on…

It’s a prototype and you can have an early access version (for free) here:

Fit Plus
Libérez vos données Google Fit™ avec Fit Plus !Fit Plus est le meilleur moyen de gérer vos données sous Google Fit :- Données cachées à propos du temps en véhic...
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One last thing:

I almost forgot. The why and how of the blog: to share my journey with you.

There will be news every two friday in: Post Of The Week, as well as feature articles on everything relating to my work.