Hi! I’m Pierre Benayoun and I’m a French indie developer. I work on Activity tracking on android since more than one year.

I work since February on an android app named “Fit Plus”. The purpose is to use all data collected by Google Fit to give specific nice data and analysis like “ You broke your walking record, congrats! ”.

There was a prototype online, but I worked on a new version which could give more interesting data since the end of March. Initially the update should take one week. But complete this version takes a lot more time than I thought. At last, I uploaded the new version four months later. The results are not good so I decided to make a pivot.

What’s the next step?

This week GIF (1)I realized that between the quest for new income stream, conferences and subjects I work on I didn’t work much on my activity tracking apps projects.

So let’s focus and discuss project KiloMeter.

Projet Kilometer: beta will be online December the 14th

For two months I do not work full time on my apps at all. In fact there is something always prioritized.  Sometimes it’s something that really matter like the quest for an income stream but often it’s not the case.

I needed to find something to avoid this: “code will wait” that was more and more in my mind.

So I fixed myself a Deadline. There will be a beta online December the 14th.

No excuses, focus !

What does Kilometer?

So what will be in this beta?

When I made a debriefing of my first 100 posts I asked myself:
What can I do useful for users that allows many people to use my app and making money?

Quick response: (1)

An Android app that gives you directly an estimation of weight gained or lose based on your activity and what you eat.

I regularly discuss  Lean Startup and I talked about a “note d’intention”. I made an alpha of this little document that resume what I want to do with my app. It also responds to the question: “What can I do useful for users that allows many people to use my app and making money?”. I will show you this document next week.

This document details what I will do including UX, Marketing and Business model details. I follow the lesson 2 of my debriefing.

Meanwhile here is a teaser of app functionality. I will detail it next week.

This week stats

Stats of the week

Trade stats

  • Total downloads: 925 (+ 9,3%)
  • Real installations: 238 (+25%)
  • Total Income: €9.51 (+ 1.6% ) ( approximately $10, no I didn’t forget any zero)
  • AD:
    • New users gained by ads
      • French campaign: 0 (I stopped the campaign last week)
      • English campaign: 112 (+ 266% !!! )
    • Cost by User
      • English campaign: €0.37.
  • All data are here and here for ad.


So I only kept English campaign since last week.

Result: going from a daily budget of 1 to €2 I more than doubled downloads gained by ads!  This explains this kind statistics for Fit Plus.

It’s not a miracle, it will make a long time before the app has a dozen thousands of downloads and even if it was the case it would definitely not be cost effective.

Nevertheless, I think that on Kilometer launch it could be a good idea to use some budget in ads to help the app rise in Google search results.

I continue the experiment a little, the time it reaches the psychological significant of 1000 downloads.

To download the app (and focus on it)

Fit Plus
Libérez vos données Google Fit™ avec Fit Plus !Fit Plus est le meilleur moyen de gérer vos données sous Google Fit :- Données cachées à propos du temps en véhic...
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