Hi! I’m Pierre Benayoun and I’m a French on man startup indie developer. I’ve been working on Activity tracking with Android for almost two years.

In 2015, I worked on an Android app named “Fit Plus” that gave you all the statistics and data on your activities from Google Fit.

The results were not so good so I decided to dramatically change my strategy with a pivot.

So I focused on a new project called Kilo-Meter. I made a trailer and I’m working on a beta version (not an easy task).

Now, I’m trying to show my app to potential users. I’m finalizing the alpha version and I’ve got a roadmap.

So, what’s the next step?

This two weeks GIFs

Indeed, I finally uploaded the technical alpha on Wednesday , February the 23.  After nearly two years of development, it was a real relief.
giphy (5)

So I shared the alpha with developers and entrepreneur friends. I was almost sure that they would tell me that there was many huge bugs. And..they weren’t!
giphy (6)

And that the moment that we learn about ourselves. In fact after years of development I secretly expected huge enthusiasm.  I was very disappointed that their reaction wasn’t quite like this:
giphy (7)
So I was for a few days like this:


And I needed some time to take a step back and be more rational
TakeadeepbreathSo, yes it was quite a roller coaster


And now? Well, the technical alpha was a…technical success. No major bugs, just some mistakes and some UX point I need to think on.

What have I been working on

I worked on some minor bugs and the open alpha is almost finished ( just need to make some little tests).

I added this « vignette » to help users visualize how much fat they lost.

I expect to release the open alpha next week.

Kilo-Meter Dashboard

Statement of intent

My detailed plan to conquer the world is just there.

  1. Technical alpha : Done
  2. Open alpha: scheduled for next week
  3. Beta : If alph was OK scheduled for the end of the month
  4. Official release : When it’s done!
Next step

Show app to as many potential users as possible with the open alpha

What I need to do before next version
  • Tests
What I want to add in the next versions
  • Get a report at same time every day.
  • Manually add activities (ex: « I do Zumba every Thursday at 7pm »).
  • Food: huge work! Users will be able to enter his food habits and will have equivalency like « You need 1H45 to eliminate this burger! »
  • Be awkwardly rich and create a charity organization
  • Pay a glass of red wine to you the only one that have read all this functionality (the trick works only once Mathias!)

Download Kilo-Meter trailer!

If you want to look at the interactive trailer just click on the picture below.

You will land on the (not sexy) Google Play page. You’ll just have to click on a button to register to the beta and get access to the classic Google Play interface.

Download also Fit Plus (my previous app)


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