Hi! I’m Pierre Benayoun and I’m a French on man startup indie developer. I’ve been working on Activity tracking with Android for almost two years.

In 2015, I worked on an Android app named “Fit Plus” that gave you all the statistics and data on your activities from Google Fit.

The results were not so good so I decided to dramatically change my strategy with a pivot.

So I focused on a new project called Kilo-Meter. I made a trailer and I’m working on a beta version (not an easy task).

Now, I’m trying to show my app to potential users. I’m finalizing the alpha version and I’ve got a roadmap.

So, what’s the next step?

This two weeks GIFs

The open alpha is available (fuck yeah). You can sign in HERE.

The purpose is to know if the app fulfill users expectations about weight loss, fitness and/or health. So if you could take 5 minutes to download the app and make a feedback it would be lovely!

What have I been working on

I may make a post-mortem post on this alpha but here’s a quick summary of what I achieved.

First of all, I’m a computer engineer for 17 years, I work on Android since 2011 and edit apps since 2013. It’s the first time a program/executable/application that I made all by myself fulfill my expectations. Well, if I must abandon editing now it’s already a big satisfying engagement (fuck yeah).

Technically the app is not perfect (it’s never) but I have an app which is capable of :

  • connect, get data from distant server, manage errors and store data to efficient buffer in background (So you can get your fat lost almost immediately on screen  while the app wil get all Fit data in a minute)
  • Manage Freemium model with ads, subscriptions and so on (and it’s typically more complex than it looks)
  • Have a new modern UI
  • Display data with charts AND text analysis (« you just have one minute of walking to do better than last Monday »).
  • Do not crash (at least now with few users)

I have huge work now to see how the app fulfill users expectation and make the necessary changes. I already know that I have some work on the UI that is not as affordant as I want.

So if you want to help me: TEST THE APP !

Kilo-Meter Dashboard

Statement of intent

My detailed plan to conquer the world is just there.

  1. Technical alpha : Done
  2. Open alpha: released. Time to know what users think.
  3. Beta : If alpha was OK scheduled for the end of the month
  4. Official release : When it’s done!
Next step

Show app to as many potential users as possible with the open alpha

What I need to do before next version
  • Show to users!
What I want to add in the next versions
  • Get a report at same time every day.
  • Manually add activities (ex: « I do Zumba every Thursday at 7pm »).
  • Food: huge work! Users will be able to enter his food habits and will have equivalency like « You need 1H45 to eliminate this burger! »
  • Be awkwardly rich and create a charity organization
  • Pay a glass of red wine to you the only one that have read all this functionality (the trick works only once Mathias!)

Test Kilo-Meter!

If you want to test the app just click on the picture below.


You will land on the (not sexy) Google Play page. You’ll just have to click on a button to register to the alpha and get access to the classic Google Play interface.

Download also Fit Plus (my previous app)


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