Hi! I’m Pierre Benayoun and I’m a French on man startup indie developer. I’ve been working on Activity tracking with Android for almost two years.

In 2015, I worked on an Android app named “Fit Plus” that gave you all the statistics and data on your activities from Google Fit.

The results were not so good so I decided to dramatically change my strategy with a pivot.

So I focused on a new project called Kilo-Meter. I made a trailer and I’m working on a beta version (not an easy task).

Now, I’m trying to show my app to potential users. I’ve finalized the alpha and try to follow the road map.

So, what’s the next step?

Last weeks GIF

I’m giving a course for job applicants on Android in a local training and higher education group.

This course is a part of an intense program that gives them an equivalent of 2 years teaching of web development in…3 months.

The group is composed of 15 people with very different backgrounds. You have young people that have already a good development experience background and more mature people that are beginning a total reconversion (and vice-versa)

Indeed, none of them have ever made an application (on Android or other OS). We were starting the course by installing  Android Studio for example.

So, after playing with the classical hello world application on a emulator, we quickly made a very simple application from scratch to…Google Play.

In three days we manage to discover Android and make a (tiny) little app up to the store. At the end, the students were enthusiasts to see that they were able to make a « real » functional app.

Discovering that anyone can see their very simple app on google play, download it and use it was a real simple and genuine joy for them. There was (at least) 15 minutes in the course where these people couldn’t stop look at their app with stars in their eyes,testing others’ app. There was even one student that chatted on Facebook with his family to ask them to test the app.

I was writing all of this huge introduction to explain this : develop can be such a joy. It can be tough, it’s not always well valued (in France anyway).

But you have the joy to make that application that change some text when you push on a button and can be downloaded by anyone on Google Play. As simple as that.

What have I been working on

I’m giving the android course twice so I did not have and will not work a lot on the app.

But I always need user feedback. So if you want to help me: TEST THE APP !

Kilo-Meter Dashboard

Statement of intent

My detailed plan to conquer the world is just there.

  1. Technical alpha : Done
  2. Open alpha: released. Time to know what users think.
  3. Beta : If alpha was OK scheduled for the end of the month
  4. Official release : When it’s done!
Next step

Show app to as many potential users as possible with the open alpha

What I need to do before next version
  • Make a good UX
  • Show to users!
What I want to add in the next version
  • Manually add activities (ex: « I do Zumba every Thursday at 7pm »).
  • Food: huge work! Users will be able to enter his food habits and will have equivalency like « You need 1H45 to eliminate this burger! »
  • Be awkwardly rich and create a charity organization
  • Pay a glass of red wine to you the only one that have read all this functionality (the trick works only once Mathias!)

Test Kilo-Meter!

If you want to test the app just click on the picture below.

You will land on the (not sexy) Google Play page. You’ll just have to click on a button to register to the alpha and get access to the classic Google Play interface.

Download also Fit Plus (my previous app)


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